Meet your next employee.

Meet your next employee.

With over 100 career options and 60 years of proven success, Job Corps graduates are well-rounded, experienced workers ready to enter the workforce and ready to work for YOU. Our graduates also are equipped with essential skills such as communication, teamwork and professionalism, making them good additions to any team. 

Wondering how Job Corps can help your business?

Job Corps provides work-ready graduates with hands-on experience and knowledge of your tools and business.

Streamline your recruitment process by customizing Job Corps’ training programs to suit your specific needs, standards and certifications.

We're involved in the job screening process so you can have peace of mind knowing your Job Corps hire is equipped and ready for the job.

A work-based learning partnership with Job Corps costs you nothing, saving you money and improving your bottom line. You can help train students for the positions you may be hiring for now or in the future.

Why hire a Job Corps grad?

When you hire a Job Corps grad, you’re getting not only a skilled and trained professional, but an employee with valuable workplace experience and essential skills that will make them an integral and seamless part of your team.

Our grads:
  • Communicate effectively with co-workers and supervisors
  • Work well with others, manage conflict, and accept differing opinions and ideas
  • Value ethics that reflect positively on the employee and employer
  • Strive for personal growth and development as an employee
  • Demonstrate multicultural awareness in order to thrive and work in a diverse population
Employer testimonials

Job Corps develops good employees. But don’t take our word for it. Hear from real employers who have worked with our students. 

Joe Ruelas,
Spraying Systems, LLC
“Job Corps does a great job, not only preparing students to work well, but teaching them how to have a positive attitude and be held accountable for the work they do. Those are very important traits when it comes to looking for recruits.”
Baha Ahmed,
Haven Health of Phoenix
“The employees we hire from Job Corps come in with a certain level of confidence because they have been trained in a real-world setting. I know when I hire a Job Corps graduate, I am hiring someone who is there for the long haul to truly help make our company a quality place to be treated.”