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Advanced Human Services Worker, Residential Advisor



Residential assistants live and work with their clients, and are on call day and night. They solve problems among residents and typically work in private and publicly-funded group homes.

Career Details


Students in Advanced Human Services Worker, Residential Advisor are trained in the following subject areas:

  • Introduction to center life
  • Emotional environment
  • Assistance with acclimating to center life
  • Group leadership and communication
  • Public safety and security
  • Professional responsibility and ethics
  • Organizational knowledge
  • Self-management, personal growth, and independent living
  • Customer and personal skills
  • Basic principles of counseling
  • Active listening, social perspectives, time management, and critical thinking
  • Program and activity planning
  • Teamwork and professional ethics
  • Crisis and safety intervention
  • Evaluation of student progress

Career Options

Career Options

Graduates of this program frequently go on to fulfilling careers as residential supports advisors, tech/residential advisors, head residential advisors, private client advisors, home comfort advisors, and rehab technicians.


Before entering the program, students must:

  • Be at least 20½ years old.
  • Complete a Job Corps basic career technical training program.
  • Meet basic academic requirements in math and reading.
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Have a positive attendance and progress record.
  • Have health clearance from the Job Corps center where they received basic training.
  • Complete a successful phone, in-person, or videoconference interview.


As a Job Corps student, you will have the opportunity to earn credentials in your training area that may lead to greater employment opportunities, higher wages, and promotions.


While on the job, you will be expected to display the following traits at all times:

  • Communication skills
  • Concern for others
  • Concern for rules
  • Dependability
  • Leadership skills
  • Organizational skills

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