Center Type
Job Corps Center
Management Company
Physical Address

245 W Main St
Marion, VA 24354-2530
United States

Geolocation Field
36.8316489, -81.5224655
Phone Number
(276) 783-7221
Fax Number
(276) 783-1751
Off-Site Training
Location Description

Blue Ridge Job Corps Center is a female-only center located on seven acres in Marion, Virginia, just a short drive from historic downtown. The center has several facilities geared towards helping hard-working students relax between their studies.

Center History

The Blue Ridge Job Corps Center opened in 1967 in the old Marion College building, which was built in 1873 and is now registered as a historic building. Marion College was a Lutheran junior women's college that operated from 1873 to 1967.

Housing: a furnished bedroom

Our campus' residential living facilities can house 160 female students in four dorms. Residential students live with up to three roommates and enjoy the following amenities:

  • laundry facilities
  • TV lounges
  • computer labs
  • vending machines
  • community bathrooms for each wing

Independent living advisers are on-site to help make dorm life safe, clean, and productive for students. We also serve non-residential students.

Director Name
Suzan Widener
Director Email
Director Phone
Director Extension
Director Fax
Student Programs
Student Government Association
<p>The Student Government Association (SGA) is the voice of our students and is very involved in the operation of the center. The SGA meets weekly to discuss various projects and to address new items of business.</p> <p>The SGA is responsible for operating the Student Store. Several nights during the week, the SGA distributes free snacks, such as hot dogs, hot pockets, pretzels, chips, or cookies, through the Student Store.</p> <p>The SGA also participates in various community service activities by working with local civic organizations and businesses. These activities allow our students to give back to the local community.</p> <p>The SGA offers several leadership opportunities for our students. These are two Leadership Conferences at Harrisonburg, Virginia and the Annual ResCare United Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. At these conferences, our center's SGA members can meet with other SGA members from Job Corps centers from all across the nation.</p> <p>The Executive Board of the SGA consists of students elected to the offices of the President, Vice President, Chief Justice, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant of Arms, Reporter, and various Representative positions. Elections are held every six months giving all eligible students the opportunity to participate in the SGA.</p>
Book Club
<p>A good book not only gets you caught up in its story but takes you to places you have never been and introduces you to characters with backgrounds and views that are different from your own. By experiencing these new places, events, and characters, the reader's perspectives expand, their understanding of the world grows, and they become wiser and better people as a result. </p> <p>Reading is an important life skill, but it's also simply fun, even more so if your friends are reading the same book. In this spirit, our Book Club brings students from different backgrounds together to discuss deeper topics and grow their friendships through a similar interest: reading.</p>
Crochet Club
<p>Whether you’re a veteran yarn spinner at or are just getting hooked on crochet, our Crochet Club has something for you. Meeting up with fellow crocheters is a great way to learn and share techniques, craft a new article of clothing or blanket, and simply have fun with new friends.</p>
Drama Club
<p>Students who join the center’s Drama Club will be introduced to the different aspects of the theater and performance including acting, directing, improv, writing, play production, stage work, and much more. The club will emphasize creative thinking skills and teamwork and will provide students with enriched learning experiences in the performing arts. Along the way, members will develop poise, social skills, and confidence.</p> <p>All skill levels are welcome, from seasoned veterans of the theater to curious beginners.</p>
HEALS Club (Healthy Eating and Active Lifestyles)
<p>In the past, we have worked under the idea that exercise happens in recreation, nutrition happens in the cafeteria, and health education happens in wellness. It’s time to change that way of thinking. Health happens everywhere—in dorms, in the classroom, even on field trips.</p> <p>The HEALS Committee is made up of students who are dedicated to promoting this idea and to building a culture at the center that embraces wellness, healthy eating, and physical activity in everything we do. This means teaching fellow students new and easy ways to integrate healthy living throughout the day and making healthy eating and exercise a fun part of center culture. </p>
Rotaract Club
<p>Rotaract clubs bring neighbors, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers together to exchange ideas with leaders in the community, develop leadership and professional skills, and have fun through service.</p> <p>Rotaract members work side by side to make positive, lasting change in communities at home and abroad.</p>
Runners Club
<p>The Runner’s Club is committed to encouraging running, walking, wheelchair racing, and related activities to educate students and the public to their benefits. Members come from all skill levels, and we put a special emphasis on runners and their safety. Above all, this club is about making running fun and motivating members to push through their goals and set new ones.</p>
Step Team
<p>Stepping is a form of percussive dance that draws upon elements of gymnastics, break dance, tap dance, march, and African and Caribbean dance. The dancer’s entire body is used to produce complex rhythms and sounds through a mixture of footsteps, spoken word, and hand claps. The style’s history goes back to military close-order and exhibition drills as well as African foot dances and was popularized by African-American fraternities and sororities during the 20th century. <p>The Step Team at Job Corps is a fun way to exercise, compete, and have fun with other students at the center, and members of the team put on demonstrations and performances at venues both on and off center. Students from all backgrounds and skill levels are invited to join.</p>
Educational Programs
GED/High School Diploma
<p>One of our top goals at Blue Ridge Job Corps is to ensure that every qualified student obtains his or her high school equivalent, or high school diploma prior to leaving the center. Students who have yet to obtain a high school diploma upon their arrival at Blue Ridge Job Corps are enrolled in the Virginia GED program or online through our high school diploma program.</p>
English Language Learning
<p>Blue Ridge Job Corps provides a comprehensive Limited English Proficiency (LEP) program for our students who are English language learners (ELLs). Classroom instruction, one-on-one tutoring, and computer lessons are all available to provide our ELL students with the opportunity to learn English in the way that best suits their needs. We focus on building their English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills while supporting their emotional and social transitional needs.</p>
<p>Tutoring programs are available where students are tutored in math, reading, and writing by instructors or by fellow students (Peer Student Tutors). Students interested in getting into a tutoring program may contact their instructors or the Academic Manager.</p>
Advanced Career Training Program
<p>The Advanced Career Training (ACT) program is a college program for eligible Job Corps students to achieve a higher level of career training. Students who have a high school diploma or GED (from our center or another educational facility) and have completed an on-center training credential may elect to continue their education at Virginia Highlands Community College or Smyth Career and Technical Center.</p> <p>Benefits of the College Program include:</p> <ul> <li>academic advisement, mentoring, and tutoring</li> <li>paid tuition, fees, books, and supplies</li> <li>housing and recreation</li> <li>meals provided by Job Corps, on-and-off center</li> <li>transportation to and from college of choice<br> </li> </ul>
Driver Education
<p>Driver's Education is available to all students needing a driver's license.</p>
Who do I have to live with?

Students stay in separate male and female dormitories. There are up to four students to each dorm room. Your room will be assigned to you upon arrival at the center.

Job Corps values diversity and will provide you with opportunities to live and interact with people of many different backgrounds.