Center Type
Job Corps Center
Management Company
Physical Address

3485 Edinburgh St
Nineveh, IN 46124
United States

Geolocation Field
39.3646576, -86.0441923
Mailing Address

P O Box 187
Camp Atterbury, IN 46124-0187
United States

Phone Number
(812) 314-6000
Fax Number
(812) 314-6143
Location Description

Atterbury Job Corps Center is located on 250 acres in Edinburgh, Indiana, just a short drive from downtown Indianapolis. All students live on campus. Camp Atterbury military base is across the road, and the Johnson County Park and Atterbury Fish and Wildlife Area are also nearby.

Center History

Atterbury is one of the nation’s original Job Corps Centers. The site is leased from Camp Atterbury, which was established in 1941 as a site for preparing American military personnel and civilians for service. During WWII, it was also used as a hospital and as an internment compound for POWs. In 1965, 200 acres of the Camp was set aside and became the Atterbury Job Corps Center. The camp is named in memory of William Wallace Atterbury, a New Albany, Indiana native who received a Distinguished Service Medal for his contributions during World War I.

Housing: a furnished bedroom

Our campus' residential living facilities can house 350 male students in four dorms and 200 female students in two dorms. The male dorms have communal restrooms on each wing, and the female dorms have individual restrooms. Residential students live with up to three roommates and enjoy the following amenities:

  • laundry facilities
  • TV lounges
  • vending machines
  • computer labs
  • refrigerators
  • microwaves.

There is also an on-site independent living adviser to help make dorm life safe, clean, and productive for the students.

Director Name
Jessica Joiner
Director Email
Director Phone
Director Fax
Student Programs
Student Government Association
<p>The Student Government Association (SGA) is the voice of our students and plays a key role in the operation of the center. We encourage all of our students to join the SGA.</p> <p>The SGA Council is composed of Executive Board officers, Vocational Representatives, and Area Student Leaders. The Executive Board members are the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Community Coordinator. Vocational Representatives are student leaders representing each career training program on center. The Area Student Leaders are mentors, recreational aides, residential advisors, safety marshals, and student tour guides.</p> <p>In their weekly meetings, SGA representatives make recommendations to the Center Director about rules affecting students including enforcement of rules. The Center Director also consults with the SGA before introducing new rules for students.</p> <p>SGA members also have the responsibility to:</p> <ul> <li>Be a positive role model to the other students.</li> <li>Assist in the decision-making process with the Center Director and Senior Management Team relating to policies affecting student life on and off campus.</li> <li>Develop leadership skills.</li> <li>Practice self-government and have input on center policies.</li> <li>Learn and practice positive leadership and socialization skills.</li> <li>Assist with tours on center.</li> <li>Work with all departments through the SGA Committees.</li> <li>Host activities for the student body.</li> <li>Work closely with the Business-Community Liaison to bridge the gap between the Job Corps program and the community.</li> </ul> <p>After 30 days of enrollment at our center, you may apply for the Leadership Training Class. After you complete three weeks of leadership training, you can apply for SGA membership.<br> </p>
Eagle Lifting Club
<p>The purpose of the Eagle Lifting Club is to introduce students to the benefits of a smart strength training program.</p> <p>The club brings together people of all skill levels who all have an interest in weightlifting and provides an organization where students can meet to lift with each other, push each other to reach their goals, and get advice on how to continue training.</p>
Garden Club
<p>If you have a green thumb (or want to develop one), our Garden Club is for you. The Garden Club tends the center’s gardens and provides fresh, in-season vegetables and herbs to the cafeteria during the growing months. Members of the club learn about the role gardens play in environmental responsibility and healthy eating, and -more importantly- they have a lot of fun doing it. </p>
<p>Fostering positive relationships with the communities our centers are in is a key part of what Job Corps does. This can mean performing work in the neighborhood that aligns with a student's career pathway, such as building new playgrounds, patching up sidewalks, or cleaning up parks. At the Atterbury Job Corps Center, it also means assisting the following organizations with their important work:</p> <ul> <li>Bartholomew County Humane Society</li> <li>Bartholomew County Red Cross</li> <li>Second Helpings Food Recovery</li> </ul>
Educational Programs
GED/High School Diploma
<p>One of our top goals at Atterbury Job Corps is to ensure that every qualified student obtains his or her GED/high school diploma prior to leaving the center. Students who don't already have a high school diploma upon their arrival at Atterbury can enroll in our GED/high school program.</p>
English Language Learning Program
<p>Students needing to learn English can enter our English Language Learning (ELL) program. Students in the ELL program are tested regularly to determine their language proficiency levels.</p>
<p>Tutoring programs are available where students are tutored in math, reading, social studies, and writing by instructors or by fellow students (Peer Student Tutors). Students interested in getting into a tutoring program may contact their instructors or the Academic Manager.</p>
College Program
<p>The College Program is an advanced training program. To qualify for this program, a student must have a high school diploma or GED (from our center or another educational facility) and have successfully completed a vocational trade at Job Corps.<br> Benefits of the College Program include:</p> <ul> <li>academic advisement, mentoring, and tutoring</li> <li>paid tuition, fees, books, and supplies</li> <li>housing and recreation</li> <li>meals provided by Job Corps, on-and-off center</li> <li>transportation to and from college of choice</li> </ul> <p>This program is offered through partnerships with Franklin University, Harrison College, and Ivy Tech Community College.</p>
Driver Education
<p>Driver's Education is available to all students needing their driver's license.</p>
Who do I have to live with?

Students stay in separate male and female dormitories. There are up to four students to each dorm room. Your room will be assigned to you upon arrival at the center.

Job Corps values diversity and will provide you with opportunities to live and interact with people of many different backgrounds.