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David Carr

U.S. Army soldier

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Follow through with your commitments.

David Carr keeps his goals in crystal clear focus and works hard to reach those goals. From the moment he enrolled in Job Corps to enlisting in the U.S. Army, David has always focused on his future.

David came to Sacramento Job Corps in July 2012. Job Corps was a new experience for Carr. "I had not been in such a large boarding school-type environment before," he said. But his anxieties soon dissipated as he met and got to know his input group: "25 of the most diverse people I have ever had the pleasure of hanging out with."

David chose the Carpentry career technical training program, met instructor John Stiff, and began to "enjoy learning and making friends" with fellow trainees.

Two dorm residential advisors, Andre Armstrong and Siaosi Tofi, became mentors to David, helping him improve his leadership skills. He progressed from secretary to governor of his dorm, and although "those were days with a lot of responsibility on my shoulders," David thrived in his new leadership roles. Eventually, he moved to the Transition Complex, got involved in more committees, and increased his volunteering efforts.

Soon, David was asked to serve as the student safety monitor for the Carpentry trade and met weekly with the center's Safety Manager. Eventually, David was invited to the Staff Safety Committee meetings where he could give his input on center issues.

As he neared graduation, David began to weigh his future employment options. His family had a tradition of serving in the military, and with his Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) score of 92, David figured he had a good chance of being accepted.

In February 2013, he officially enlisted in the U.S. Army and began his tour of duty in August. "My family was happy about the decision, and my fellow tradesmen were proud of me as well." For David Carr, enlisting in the Army was one more step in his life's journey and a way to stay true to what his mother taught him: "Follow through with your commitments."