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Anne Marie Scheer

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Muhlenberg Job Corps Center's Non-Traditional Trade Opportunities for Women

Muhlenberg Job Corps would like to recognize Anne Marie Scheer, a female student who trains at our center in a non-traditional trade. Anne is a non-residential student and a twenty-five-year-old mother who drives 106 miles round trip to our center daily from Webster County. Anne arrived at Muhlenberg Job Corps with her high school diploma. Since then, she has successfully completed the Heavy Equipment Operator's course where she earned certifications in Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), flagger, and forklift operations.

Her future goal is to continue her education in other training areas, such as Construction Equipment Mechanics and Heavy Truck Driving, before transferring to Advanced Mechanics training. Her dedication to her career goals is amazing.

Heavy Equipment Operator instructor John Austin stated that Anne is one of the hardest working, most dedicated students he has ever had in his class. He said, "She can operate any piece of equipment, takes all safety precautions, and has never had a safety incident during her training."

Muhlenberg Job Corps offers four non-traditional trade opportunities to promote females in the workforce: Heavy Equipment Operator, Construction Equipment Mechanics, Heavy Truck Driving, and Welding.

The Job Corps program provides resources, at no cost to those who qualify, in support of recruitment, retention, and workforce readiness.