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Changes in the automotive training program provide new opportunities

The repair of hybrid vehicles, new waterborne paint, and new equipment are just a few of the changes in the automotive training program at the Earle C. Clements Job Corps Center that will prepare students for new career opportunities.

“It’s important to learn about hybrid cars now because they’re the future of where the car industry is headed,” said Antoine Sorrells, an automotive student at the Earle C. Clements Job Corps Center. “Hopefully, by learning about this new green technology, we can have secure jobs in the future.”

Hybrid cars and advanced training are being provided as part of the hybrid education program. Students learn about the different parts of the car, how to repair them, and how these vehicles differ from gasoline-fuel vehicles. Because hybrid cars are the future of the car industry, the program is providing skills to Clements auto students that will make them more employable.

With ARRA funds, officials at Clements also replaced several pieces of equipment, including safety filters and masks used by students learning how to paint automobiles.

Environmentally friendly waterborne car paint will be mandated by the automotive industry in 2014, but many body shops and car manufacturers are already transitioning away from traditional car paint. Clements’ auto program is giving its students a head start in obtaining employment by providing waterborne painting instruction this year.