Christine Evitch
Christine Evitch

es docente de Artes culinarias en el centro Job Corps de Hubert H. Humphrey. Tiene un título de Artes culinarias de Le Cordon Bleu y una licenciatura en sistemas de alimentos sustentables de University of Minnesota. Christine gestionó cocinas dentro de la industria durante 5 años antes de unirse al equipo de Job Corps. Le gusta la repostería, cultivar su propia comida y ser madre de tres adolescentes.


ES Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts

ES On the job, you will ...

  • Work directly with food and beverages in the kitchen 
  • Maintain a clean workspace, prepare raw ingredients for cooking, and assist with cooking and plating meals 
  • Use a variety of commercial cooking equipment and tools 
  • Develop new recipes, plan menus and maintain an ingredients inventory

ES Some of the career options you will have ...

Most Culinary Arts graduates go to work full time in the food service industry, often for restaurants and catering services or for institutions such as schools, hospitals or cafeterias. You may be required to work during early mornings, late evenings, weekends and holidays. 

Students should also consider pursuing the Advanced Culinary Arts, Advanced Culinary Arts – Pastry and other Advanced Training programs at Job Corps as part of their career pathway.

ES The credentials you will earn ...

Individuals who complete the Culinary Arts program can earn industry-recognized credentials to become a Certified Culinarian, Certified Chef and other restaurant certifications. Students should also earn a state-issued learner’s permit and driver’s license upon completion of the program.

ES What you’ll need to start training ...

  • A high school diploma or the equivalent (can all be earned at all Job Corps centers) 
  • Completion of all introductory and career preparation courses  
  • Passing scores on written and performance tests 
  • Meet academic (math and reading) requirements
ES Hospitality
Culinary Arts
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ES Culinary Arts professionals will work directly with food and beverages in the kitchen.

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