Job Corps

The Texas Educational Foundation, Inc. (TEF) was incorporated December 9, 1964, following a speech by the President of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson, at his alma mater, Southwest Texas State University, in San Marcos in which the President announced his vision for the new Job Corps program.

In response to Johnson's speech, Governor John B. Connally appointed TEF's first three-member Board of Trustees and instructed them to begin to build a Job Corps program. The original appointee was Dr. A.B. Templeton, often called "The Father of Job Corps."

Since TEF is a non-profit agency, all funds are spent to directly benefit students, rather than paid as profits to stockholders.

One way in which TEF is uniquely able to assist students is through the O.J. Baker Scholarship Fund. Centers nominate promising graduates and, if approved, these students are awarded scholarships for post-graduate work in the schools of their choice. Student choices have ranged from an expensive and prominent east coast gourmet cooking school to colleges and universities across the nation.

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