Center Type
Job Corps Center
Management Company
Physical Address

Carr 152 KM 2.0 Bo Quebradilla
Barranquitas, PR 00794
United States

Geolocation Field
18.1965954, -66.3027963
Mailing Address

PO Box 68
Barranquitas, PR 00794-0068
United States

Phone Number
(787) 857-5200
Fax Number
(787) 857-7760
Location Description

Barranquitas Job Corps Center is located in the island’s interior, nestled in the middle of the Cordillera Central, Puerto Rico’s main mountain range. Most students live on the 15-acre campus, but limited space is available for students who commute.

Housing: a furnished bedroom

Our campus' residential living facilities can house 120 male students and 100 female students in dorms. Residential students live with one to three roommates and enjoy the following amenities:

  • laundry facilities
  • TV lounges
  • vending machines
  • bathrooms and showers

We also serve non-residential students.

Director Name
Pedro Cabrera
Director Email
Director Phone
Director Extension
Director Fax
Student Programs
Student Government Association
<p>With the Student Government Association, students can participate in a democratic process of self-government, representing and directing the student body. The Student Government Association functions as a link between the staff and students of Barranquitas Job Corps.</p> <p>Additionally, the Student Government Association:</p> <ul> <li>Develops activities that enrich the education and social life of our students</li> <li>Allows students to develop leadership skills</li> <li>Allows students to gain personal, social, and enterprise administration skills</li> <li>Participates in the welcoming of new students</li> <li>Participates in disciplinary proceedings</li> <li>Operates the student store</li> </ul> <p>In general, the Student Government Association helps staff and students improve the quality of the Job Corps experience.<br> </p>
Cafeteria Committee
<p>Job Corps Cafeteria Committee provides a forum for students to offer suggestions for menu planning and dining room operations. Job Corps boasts a diverse population, making diverse and authentic cuisine a necessity on most centers. Therefore, a diverse group of students who wish to express their views and those of their peers can make a positive impact on any center's food service program through participation in a food service committee.</p>
Green Committee
<p>Our Green Committee is committed to reducing the center’s footprint on the environment and is charged with overseeing green projects and initiatives on center. This can mean focusing on keeping a watchful eye on the center to discover new conservation projects that might have been overlooked.</p> <p>The Committee’s day-to-day activities include organizing recycling and energy-efficiency projects around the center, planting trees, and educating fellow students about the importance reducing, reusing, and recycling. </p>
Recreational Committee
<p>Student input is a critical part of our recreation program. Each dorm has representatives on the Recreation Committee where students are encouraged to submit ideas for new and different activities.</p>
<p>Fostering positive relationships with the communities our centers are in is a key part of what Job Corps does. This can mean performing work in nearby neighborhoods that align with a student's career pathway, such as building new playgrounds, patching up sidewalks, restoring old buildings, or cleaning up parks. It can also take the form of literacy or charity campaigns.</p>
Educational Programs
GED/High School Diploma
<p>One of our top goals at Barranquitas Job Corps is to ensure that every qualified student obtains his or her GED/high school diploma prior to leaving the center. Students who don't already have a high school diploma upon their arrival at Edison can enroll in our GED and high school programs.</p>
Tutors and academic support
<p>Tutoring programs are available where students are tutored in math, reading, writing, and more by instructors or by fellow students (Peer Student Tutors). Students interested in getting into a tutoring program may contact their instructors or the Academic Manager.</p>
Advanced Career Training (ACT) Program
<p>The Advanced Career Training (ACT) program gives students the opportunity to receive advanced education/technical training at a local university or college. It is a privilege for our most dedicated students.</p> <p>To qualify for this program, a student must have a high school diploma or GED (from our center or another educational facility) and have successfully completed a vocational trade at Job Corps.</p> <p>Benefits of the College Program include:</p> <ul> <li>academic advisement, mentoring, and tutoring</li> <li>paid tuition, fees, books, and supplies</li> <li>housing and recreation</li> <li>meals provided by Job Corps, on-and-off center</li> <li>transportation to and from your college of choice</li> </ul> <p>Students in the ACT program can continue to live at Barranquitas Job Corps while attending college for one year (or two years with the approval of the National Office of Job Corps.)</p> <p>We offer this program through a partnership with Inter-American University of Puerto Rico–Barranquitas, School of Technical Studies in Naranjito, P.R., and Law Enforcement Institute affiliated with St. Petersburg College, Fla</p>
English Language Learning Program
<p>The English Language Learning program is for students whose primary language is not English. The ELL program helps students develop their skills in reading, writing, and speaking English as a second language. There are three levels to the ELL program: basic, intermediate, and advanced.</p>
Driver's Education
<p>Driver's Education is available to all students needing their driver's license.</p>
Who do I have to live with?

Students stay in separate male and female dormitories. There are two to four students to each dorm room. Your room will be assigned to you upon arrival at the center.

Job Corps values diversity and will provide you with opportunities to live and interact with people of many different backgrounds.