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Job Corps is a voluntary program that prepares young people ages 16–24 with education and hands-on career training for entry-level positions that lead to careers in today’s job market.

Job Corps Graduates are...



Our graduates complete 8-24 months of career training programs aligned with industry-based skill standards, nationally recognized certifications, or union apprenticeship programs.



Students receive hands-on experience through our work-based learning program, internships, and job shadowing opportunities with employers like you. They gain skills in real work environments.


Ready to Work

Job Corps graduates have experience working in teams and know what it takes to be successful on the job. Through the program, they develop a strong work ethic and are eager to succeed.

Job Corps works.

Job Corps can help you save time,
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Since 1964, Job Corps has trained young adults ages 16-24 in the skills they need to enter the workforce. It is the nation's largest job training program, training over 60,000 students per year. A partnership with Job Corps provides your business with these unique benefits:


Searching for new, qualified employees is time-consuming. When you need an entry-level employee, Job Corps will screen eligible students to give you the best possible candidates. Because Job Corps is an open-entry/exit program where students create their own training timeliness, candidates graduate throughout the year. This provides your company with the employees you need when you need them.


Training new employees takes time and money. Establish a work-based learning partnership with Job Corps, and we can customize our training programs to suit the specific needs, industry standards, and certifications of your company. Our students train on your equipment, understand your business, and are ready to make an impact upon arrival. Our service costs you nothing — saving you thousands and improving your bottom line.


A good employee has more than just knowledge about their industry and the ability to perform the work. Job Corps trains the whole person, in both employability and social skills. We want to make sure you get a great employee. That's why we drug-screen our students and provide them with follow-up services like transportation, housing, child care, etc. for up to 21 months after graduation. We do this so they can focus on their careers.


In addition to career training, students learn employability skills such as the importance of teamwork, promptness, accountability, dependability, follow-through, and communication. These things are important to us, and they make a big difference for you.


Not only will you get a great addition to your company, you will also be making a positive difference in a young person's life. Whether your company is big or small, whether you're looking for one employee or several, Job Corps can be your workforce resource.

Most Job Corps students leave home to receive career training at one of our 123 campuses across the country. After graduation, students can relocate or pursue local employment. Nearly 82% of Job Corps graduates in the last five years were placed in education programs, the military, or fulfilling careers after graduation.

Employer Testimonials
Lowe's logo


Lowe's has been proud to work with Job Corps in the interest of our young people. Here in Franklin, the students at Job Corps have proven themselves as community activists and an outstanding source of highly trained employees. We look forward to continuing that partnership and doing all we can to help the students succeed.
— Carol Gates, Commercial Sales Representative, Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse
Walgreens logo


Walgreens is actively involved with Job Corps and supports its mission to assist young people in gaining training to become productive citizens. Our Pharmacy Technician program in various Job Corps centers across the country is one way we are contributing. The flexibility of Job Corps in developing specialized curriculum to train entry-level technicians is a benefit.
— Kathy Harlow, Walgreens
Duron Paints & Wall Coverings logo

Duron Paints & Wall Coverings®

Employees who come from Job Corps are equipped with basic training they can build on, giving them a head start when they enter our organization.
— Bill Craley, Duron Paints & Wall Coverings
William C. Smith Co. logo

William C. Smith Co.®

Job Corps is unique because it not only provides education and job training but also teaches the life skills that are a necessary part of any career. Covering each of these areas on a full-time basis makes Job Corps a truly comprehensive program for young people.
— Skip McMahon, Vice President, William C. Smith Co.
Meineke Car Care Center logo

Meineke Car Care Center®

It is such a challenge to find and keep good automotive technicians. We were impressed by the Job Corps training program offered to students. Initially, we thought Job Corps graduates would be a great source of employees for us, and they have ended up being some of our best. In fact, the Job Corps graduates we have hired are very knowledgeable in the auto technician trade, and they carry themselves with such professionalism. They have turned out to be great employees.
— Cordell Riley, Training Director, Meineke Care Care Centers
Bremen Elementary School logo

Bremen Elementary School

I could not have been more pleased with the job skills, attitudes and work ethics of the Job Corps students. They have proved to be dedicated, enthusiastic, and capable workers on each task assigned to them. I truly feel this program is providing young people with good work experience as well as skills necessary to become valuable members of our workforce. We could not be more pleased with the program.
— Rick Carver, Principal, Bremen Elementary School
HCR Manor Care logo

HCR Manor Care®

Job Corps has been a very valuable resource to us. The students are not only prepared excellently to meet the job requirements but are groomed to interview and handle themselves in a very professional manner. They have had a very positive effect on our staff and customers. They have a genuine work ethic and carry a smile and a positive attitude.
— Carl Karaska, Human Resource Manager, HCR Manor Care
Ox Paperboard Company logo

Ox Paperboard Company®

The Job Corps students we've worked with have all been quick studies. They have always taken their job seriously and been a pleasure to work with.
— Linda Bednarski, Administrative Manager, Ox Paperboard Company
Dell Computers logo

Dell Computers®

Job Corps students are the single largest group of employees we hire. Our employees are so impressed by the skills and work ethic of our Job Corps students. They always want to know when we are going to hire the next batch of Job Corps students. These workers are a real asset to our corporation.
— Dugan Shugart, Dell Computers
American Commercial Barge Line logo

American Commercial Barge Line®

The professionalism, teamwork, and respect shown by each student of the American Commercial Barge Line graduating class speak well of the training they've received through the Job Corps program. These students demonstrate excellent mechanical knowledge and solid leadership skills.
— Carl Blanton, Director of Human Resource Operations, American Commercial Barge Line
U.S. National Guard Logo

U.S. National Guard

We never have a concern when it comes to Job Corps students because we know they meet our qualifications. Job Corps is a top-notch program.
— Sergeant Tyrone Mickens, U.S. National Guard
UniBank for Savings logo

UniBank for Savings®

I was really impressed with the level of courtesy and respect [from the students]. We try hard to teach customer service to our entry-level employees; it's nice to have that already being instilled in a school setting.
— Laura E. Bronwell, Senior Vice President, Retail Banking and Marketing Manager, UniBank for Savings
Winco Farm & Home Supply logo

Winco Farm & Home Supply

The students who have worked for us have had a base knowledge of our industry. They come to work prepared and learn a working knowledge of the materials they're handling on a daily basis. I've had a positive experience since my company partnered with Job Corps more than two years ago.
— Zane Anderson, Owner, Winco Farm & Home Supply
International Union of Painters (IUP) logo

International Union of Painters (IUP)

I've worked with the International Union of Painters (IUP) for almost 18 years, and the quality of students we receive from Job Corps is exceptional. The training they receive at the center should be modeled by other educational institutions.
— Newt Sayers, Field Coordinator, International Union of Painters (IUP)

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