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DOL Office of Inspector General's Report on Job Corps

For Your Information...

The following are definitions of acronyms appearing on this page.

  • DOL - Department of Labor
  • ETA - Employment and Training Administration
  • OJC - Office of Job Corps
  • OCM - Office of Contract Management
  • OFA - Office of Financial Administration
  • OCFO - Office of the Chief Financial Officer
  • COR - Contracting Officers' Representative
  • IGCE - Independent Government Cost Estimate
  • ROG - Receipt of Goods
  • HD - Help Desk
  • NCFMS - New Core Financial Management System
  • JFAS - Job Corps Financial Administration System
  • SOP - Standard Operating Procedure
  • JC-FMS - Job Corps Financial Management System

Recommendations and Corrective Actions



Corrective Action

1. Improve management processes to ensure maintenance deficiencies are identified, tracked, and repaired appropriately and timely.

Resolved not Closed

OFA developed monthly financial reports on:

  • Obligations by Center
  • Status of Funds
  • Actual to Budgeted Expense
  • Variances between Contractors' Spend Plans and Actual Costs

Developed and formalized standard processes to:

  • Produce monthly financial reports (OFA)
  • Communicate monthly financial reports to OJC regional staff (OFA)
  • Follow-up with Individual Contractors (OCM and OJC)
  • Report back on issues to Job Corps management (OCM and OJC)

2. Develop and implement formal policies and procedures or enhance existing policies and procedures.

Resolved not Closed

Standardized OJC Regional Office standard operating procedures to reflect current processes and systems and defined roles and responsibilities of OFA, OCM, and OJC.

Defined precision of detail required for contractors to explain variances between budget and actual expenses on their cost reports.

Refined monitoring procedures to ensure that CORs are performing their duties properly. Provided training and amended performance standards to ensure accountability.  Established timing requirements for processing Job Corps vouchers, and monitor delinquent vouchers to be received and processed for payment.

Increased emphasis on retention of documentation associated with Job Corps funds' processes and controls, including spending plans.  Monitored budget contract costs to actual contract costs at greater frequency.

3. Conduct a formal assessment of human capital resources needed for processes and internal controls over Job Corps funds, and periodically update the assessment.

Resolved not Closed

ETA and the Department implemented an MOU with OPM to conduct a human capital assessment to determine resources needed for processes and internal controls over Job Corps program funds.  The assessment will be completed in September 2014.

4. Periodically review and update the policy for developing cost models applied in determining the IGCE used in Job Corps center contracting activities to incorporate the use of more current guidance and assumptions.

Resolved not Closed

OJC worked with an expert and experienced contractor to review and update its costs models for IGCEs to incorporate the use of current assumptions. This resulted in a  template that is currently being tested.

5. Formally reconcile data on a routine basis between NCFMS, JFAS, and JC-FMS.

Resolved not Closed

OFA developed processes to reconcile data between:

  • NCFMS and JFAS
  • JFAS and JC-FMS
  • NCFMS and JC-FMS

OFA developed exception report to share with OJC and OCM.

  • Developed SOPs that formalize processes:
  • Developed Exception Reports (OFA)
  • Communicated Exception Reports to OCM and OJC Regional Staff (OFA)
  • Followed-up with Individual Contractors (OCM and OJC)
  • Reported back on issues to Job Corps management (OCM and OJC)

6. Evaluate the cost-benefit of creating system interfaces between NCFMS, JFAS, and JC-FMS.

Resolved not Closed

ETA began the process of interfacing between NCFMS and JFAS. Currently, there are nightly data extracts from NCFMS to JFAS. However, there is need to validate the data prior to adding it to JFAS.

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